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Square Enix Launches Trailer Creation Competition For Just Cause 3 With Tons Of Prizes

A pretty decent number of AAA video games titles are scheduled to release in the final quarter of 2015 which means the competition is tough and Square Enix knows it which is why they are looking to spice things up and remind people that among all the other titles such as Star Wars Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate; they have Just Cause 3 coming in as well.

The latest promotion for the game is actually a competition, to make the best ‘Launch Trailer’ for the game in return for prizes worth $5000.

Interested people are asked to create a 1-2 minute long trailer using animation or live action or a re-cut of the already released game footage, something that fully captures the action, energy, fun and atmosphere for the Just Cause 3 world.

There will be a winner from each category: Best Action, Best Use of Audio and Best Humor who will be receiving a Top spec PC-rig, Collector’s Edition of the game and other prizes as well as a Best Overall Winner.

The overall winner will not only receive the prizes worth $5000 but also have the choice of allowing their created trailer to be released as the Official Launch Trailer for Just Cause 3.

The contest is underway and ends on 12th November. The full list of prizes as well as details regarding the recommended tools allowed for trailer creation can be seen here.