Hajime Tabata Addressed Concerns Over Localization of Final Fantasy XV

Localizing Japanese games for the West is indeed complicated, translation sometimes becomes a barrier when capturing the essence of character relationships in video games.

Same is the problem with Final Fantasy XV. Players who played the demo for FFXV complained about the differences in relationship of Notice and Ignis in JP and western version of FFXV.

In reply to a fan, Director Hajime Tabata replied to a fan and explained:

Your point about Ignis in the English language version is a valid one. Using the intricacies of language to make the experience more fun for players is fine, but if the character’s personality changes across languages and becomes someone else, the original intent is lost.

We’ve put a lot of care into making the unique character that is Ignis, and to ensure the character is communicated as intended, I’ve seated the Localization Lead, Dan Inoue, right by me in the development area.

Tabata assured fans that such issues are being discussed internally and they are looking for the best way to sort them out.

You can read more on what he had to say over at the official forum.

Final Fantasy XV will release sometime next year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.