Final Fantasy 14 Screenshots Hint at Patch 3.1 Update Story and Raid

Final Fantasy 14 is heading towards the patch 3.1 update and to tease those eagerly awaiting it Square Enix have revealed some new screenshots. Giving players an idea of what is coming in the patch, they are sure to get excited with what they see.

Along with the images that you can see above there are more details about Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone:

“With advances in the usage of airships and amidst the arrival of the so-called “Great Sky Age,” there are those who ride their own airships through the skies seeking hidden lands and mystery. They are known as “sky pirates.”
There has been a rumor spreading amongst the sky pirates of a ghost ship wandering across the skies – an ark filled with evil power that was created long ago by mages to run from cataclysm.”

In the images you can see images from the Void Ark and some of the locations for the 24-person raid that follows the Crystal Tower series. It all looks very dramatic.

Along with the images that show the locations and characters are also an image that gives a hint as to some of the gear that will be obtainable from the Void Ark. Also included is a picture of a cat which is a mystery, though a resemblance to Cait Sith may mean that this is a new minion that will be coming to the game.

With the update being less than a month away, I’m sure that fans will be happy with what they see in the images and they will have their own theories on what they all mean.

Are you looking forward to Patch 3.1? Let us know your thoughts below.