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Fans Recreate Top Gear In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V has really been a playground for content creators ever since it launched in 2013. Even before the Director Mode was released, the game offered countless opportunities to create funny and amazing videos whether they were just hilarious gameplay moments or recreations of some other popular movies or TV shows.

Keeping this trend alive, the Hampyro – Comedy Gaming Channel on YouTube has been recreating BBC’s extremely popular car show, Top Gear.

Similar to the TV show (intro included), each episode of the parody show has the creators doing different types of challenges in the game world. The challenges involve the “hosts” purchasing vehicles in a specific budget and modifying them to compete in difference speed trials and obstacle courses, testing the performance of vehicles in different types of roads and conditions and other stuff people have come to expect from Top Gear.

Perhaps this is their way of paying tribute to the original cast of the show which included Jeremy Clarkson whose contract BBC wouldn’t renew which lead to the other hosts Richard Hammond and James May quitting the show as well.

The YouTube channel and all the Top Gear videos can be seen here.