Destiny: The Taken King has a Unlimited Shadowshot Glitch Which Could be Gamebreaking

With the release of Destiny: The Taken King and all of the updates to bring Destiny to 2.0 the hunt has been on for glitches that can be exploited. While these will be patched as soon as Bungie are aware of them and can fix them, they are still waiting to be found.

One such glitch gives players unlimited Shadowshots if they are a Hunter. The problem with this glitch is that it is potentially gamebreaking.

To get the glitch you work you must be a Hunter and have a Graviton Forfeit Helmet. Set your Shadowshot perk to Quiver and do unlimited Shadowshots once you’ve managed to get your super. Once you have that, if you fire two shots then press the option button twice your super will be refilled. You can see this done in the video above.

While Bungie haven’t issued any statement yet or let it be know they are working on a patch, more and more Hunters will be using this glitch. Just looking at the video you can see how easy it is to do and many people will probably manage to find the glitch accidently.

With Destiny having undergone so many updates recently it comes as no surprise that there are a few teething troubles that produce glitches like this. While Bungie will act to fix any loopholes like this that appear, they have to be aware of them first. With users posting videos of how easy it is to do no doubt Bungie will be aware of it now and will be working on a fix.

Have you tried this glitch? Did it work as expected? Let us know your thoughts below.