Blizzard to Overhaul Matchmaking System for Heroes of the Storm

Sometimes when players complain about issues with a game it feels like the game company simply ignore them. When the player is the number 1 rated Heroes of the Storm though, Blizzard don’t simply ignore the problem.

When “Srey” went on a rant on Reddit asking the developers to change the matchmaking experience, it’s not surprising that people took notice. Especially when other players agree. It looks like Blizzard have been listening as they’ve taken to the official forum to answer the players issues, and provided details on updates that will be coming:

“There are a couple of changes we’re implementing in a future patch to make steps toward our ongoing goal of improving matchmaking in Heroes:

  • A couple of bug fixes to help the matchmaker identify players that are closer in skill, hopefully resulting in more even matches
  • Increasing the maximum wait time in queue to 10 minutes
  • System improvements

Do note, these are not the only changes we’ll be implementing. We’ve got some more alterations in development that will continue to be released, the moment they’re ready, to help us further tune matchmaking. Some of the changes will be focused on:

  • Improving matches at high skill levels
  • Improve the New User experience
  • Adjustments to make sure players in matches are close in experience, not just MMR”

They also focused on the issues Srey themselves are having, and gave the following response:

“As for Srey, we’re looking into his account and identifying the matches that could’ve been considered poor experiences. We’ll also be assessing our point system to make sure a player at Srey’s skill level won’t fall out of Rank 1 due to a couple of losses. In addition to this data from top tier matches, we’re hoping to extract information or identify bugs in the matchmaker that we could alter to make everyone’s match quality better, regardless of experience or MMR.

With that said, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback, evaluate the changes with data, and make changes as needed. We’re committed to make your experience in Heroes a fun one, and that means ensuring matches are as even as possible.”

So there you have it, players are listened to when something isn’t working right in the games. Whether it was the fact a high profile player spoke up that made them act faster or not is up for debate.

Are you happy that Blizzard have acted on the player’s problems with matchmaking? Let us know your thoughts below.