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Access to Beta Games and Apps Added to the Xbox One Experience Preview

While the Xbox One Experience Preview is being updated to get it ready for release, new features are continually being added. One new feature gives the ability to try out Beta games and apps for the console.

Today the Xbox One Experience was updated with the Xbox Community Calendar and with the Beta games and apps functionality. This helps players to discover new games that are being added to the Xbox Live for players to try out.

This feature will be a feature on the Xbox Preview Dashboard App, and will host games and apps that will be exclusive to Preview members. Games will be easy to download; it will be just a case of pressing “redeem” then confirming that you want to download the game. Once it is installed you’ll then be able to try it out.

These games or apps will only be available during the time they are in Beta; they will then be removed once it is over. As with any Beta test if any problems are found they should be reported to Xbox so that they are aware of the problems that have been found.

As with many new features on the preview there is a known issue with the app:

“With this initial launch of Beta Games and Apps, some NXOE Preview Members may find the section empty; this is normal, and will be resolved over the next few hours as the rollout completes. If you find the section empty, come back in a few hours, quit the Preview Dashboard, and relaunch.”

Hopefully there won’t be any more major issues other than the one mentioned above.

Are you part of the Preview Program? Will you be trying out some of the Beta games once they appear? Let us know your thoughts below.