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Starcraft II 3.0 Disabled External Mappacks, Hackers Are Giving Up

Starcraft II 3.0 has disabled external mappacks by introducing new codes and it seems developers have put a lot of effort into making sure external mappacks are history.

According to a post on Reddit, many hackers are starting to give-up because”there’s a lot of bullshit they have to wade through.” One hacker mentioned:

Updating for the LotV client isn’t like most patches where it’s mainly about finding the new offsets for previous structures. They’ve completely replaced a lot of code and have apparently put quite a lot of effort into breaking the functionality of existing external hacks.
SC2 v3.0 will break every external SC2 hack out there, and many of them may never be fixed due to the magnitude of the changes.

Here’s a quote from a separate hacker:

Some things might not be possible, given the new changes. But in light of everything that’s been switched around, most hack developers seem ready to call it quits (at least, the free ones), simply because there’s a lot of bullshit they have to wade through, thanks to the 3.0 changes.

For now, it looks like hackers have their work cut out for them, well at least for those who are still trying. We’ll have more for you on the story as it further develops.