Star Citizen Reaches 1 Million Members; Removes Alpha Access And Module Passes

Star Citizen, one of the most anticipated and highly ambitious space shooter for PC, just reached 1 million community members for which the developers made a new post on their website.

As a thank you to the fans who not only supported them in the early crowdfunding stages, but also stuck around with them for quite a while as well as new players who joined after the initial stages.

The developers, Robert Space Industries, have announced that they will be removing the Alpha Access and $5 Module Passes from the game.

What this actually means is that whoever pledged for a Star Citizen package — any package — will now have full access to each and every module of the game without having to pay anything more or worrying about losing access to some specific module just because they opted for a different pledge package. Every user will be given access to the same content.

Considering that those who paid earlier for these passes might feel betrayed, RSI has said they will be compensating such players in a fair manner.

The full news update can be read here on Star Citizen official website.