People Having Issues with Lost Dark Souls 3 Stress Test Registration Codes

With gamers looking forward to getting a chance to play the Dark Souls 3 Stress Test the important thing is to have kept your registration code. With this code having been sent by email though, it looks like some people may have unintentionally lost it.

Looking at the Dark Souls 3 Reddit, it seems that this is becoming an issue with some people as there seemingly appears to be no way to retrieve it. When the email has been lost because of reasons outside of the users control, like with Spam filters, this is causing some annoyance.

This can be further seen on the Dark Souls 3 Facebook Page Visitor Posts where more and more people are requesting information about how to retrieve their lost registration codes. This is a reasonable request as most systems like this would feature a way for the user to be able to either request a new code or have a reminder of their existing one resent to them.

With no reply to requests for information on how to get new codes, annoyance is setting in. As we can see on the Reddit post there are other people who state that these who have lost their codes should have been more careful.

It will be interesting to see Bandai Namco’s response to the issue as this seems to be a problem for quite a few people who have managed to successfully register for the beta. I’m sure that they will act though and hopefully allow people to retrieve their registration codes. If not, then maybe these people will unfortunately be out of luck.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Should the people who have lost their codes be able to retrieve them? Let us know below.