Not Good at Creating Super Mario Maker Levels? Try These Tips

Super Mario Maker, the highly-acclaimed side scrolling platformer for Wii U that allows users to design their own game levels is finally available throughout the world.

The incredibly rich online library of user created content is one of the best things about the game, but how does one go about making interesting yet challenging levels?

To that end, game producer Takashi Tezuka and Nintendo’s Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto who is best known for the creation of franchises such as Mario and Donkey Kong, shared some tips on level design.

Talking during a convention, Takashi also gave first look at the Super Mario Maker Hardcover Artbook that is supposed to serve as an inspiration to those who are not very good at creating levels from scratch. The book contains examples of various courses in the game along with tips to recreate them.

Takashi also mentioned about hidden content throughout the book that corresponds to more content and design tips that players have to find and figure out for themselves.

The artbook comes bundled with every copy of Super Mario Maker so if interested players were a bit skeptical about buying the game on account of them not being “creative enough” they can rest easy as this book should have them creating cool levels in no time. Alternatively a digital version of the book can also be acquired from the official download link provided by Nintendo.