Heroes of the Storm Matchmaking is Flawed, Says Best Solo Que Player

Hero League player Srey needs no introduction, Srey is the #1 ranked hero league player in NA. His hotlogs account shows that he has played 1249 games with a rating (MMR) of 4711. So when he points out problems with the game, we can’t just ignore his statement.

According to Srey, there are issues with the game’s matching. In fact, he believes that matching in Heroes of the Storm is “absolutely atrocious.” In his eyes, “Matchmaking is the biggest impediment to the growth of Heroes of the Storm.”

For those who can’t relate to bad “matchmaking,” Srey explained what he is talking about.

..please allow me to explain. When I play Quick Match with two or more friends, my games are 13-minutes-or-less stomp-fests. My team is often up 30 kills, 5 Levels, and all structures. When I play Quick Match solo or with a friend, the team compositions are totally nonsensical (3 Healers, 0 Healers, 5 Assassins, 0 Tanks, 4 Melee, etc) and my allies are totally inexperienced. They have a few hundred games or even just a few dozen (I have more than 2,600). According to Hotslogs (which admittedly has its flaws), I am the highest rated QM player in North America at 4711MMR, so why am I being matched with and against people who have the MMR of a rather sad-looking rock?

You can read his full post over at Reddit.

To break things down for you, Srey believes that Heroes League need bans, players with 4000+ MMR must not be matched with players having 300 or less, the “360 y0l0 system” (as he puts it) throws you in the game with literally anyone after 6 minutes (360 seconds) etc.

I’m not a hardcore Heroes of the Storm player and frankly I never went into so much detail regarding its matchmaking system; so I shouldn’t comment on this but I would love to know if you agree with Srey or not?