Forza Motorsport 6 Patch Fixes Two Large Bugs in the Game

Turn 10 have released a patch for Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One. While it may not be big in size, it fixes two big issues in the game that have been found by players.

Posting on the Forza Forum Brian Ekberg, the Forza Community Manager announced what the patch will be fixing:

“A quick update on today’s CU. This content update addresses two issues: the “free car glitch” that has been well documented here as well as an issue on Lime Rock where players could cut a certain portion of the track to gain an unfair advantage without it “dirtying” their lap. To coincide with the Lime Rock fix, we will be wiping all leaderboard times on Lime Rock South Chicane and Lime Rock Full Alt circuits.”

As these two issues are both glitches that have been used by gamers to gain an advantage in the game, it will be debatable how popular the update will be. The “free car glitch” for example allowed users to quit the game while purchasing a car which resulted in the credits not being taken out of the player’s balance. This means they were able to buy more cars. I’m sure plenty of fans won’t be happy to see that one fixed.

While they may not be happy they also won’t be surprised to see the fixes being rushed into place. As this gives an unfair advantage over those who don’t know about the bug, it gives them an edge. The fact that glitches lead to the game being played outside of the expected rules could also lead to further problems later on.

Did you know about these bugs in the game? What are your thoughts on them being fixes? Let us know below.