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Bungie Addressed Destiny Microtransaction Concerns, Says No Buffs Will Go On Sale

Bungie is now offering emotes in Destiny in exchange of Silver, a new Destiny currency available for purchase with real life cash. Players can buy Silver from the respective online store of their consoles (PSN, Xbox Store).

Now that Eververse is offering these emotes, players were concerned that some items will be sold to buff up armor and weapons. These concerns escalated when players noticed buff armour and weapon drops in the King’s Fall raid, ability to get Moldering Shards in the raid and the option to level up your Guardian’s equipment Subclass.

This can give unfair advantage to players who’ll manage to get their hands on them. Thankfully, such items won’t be part of Destiny’s microtransactions.

Luke’s statement puts to rest concerns over buff drop rates, but it doesn’t explain their plans for level boosters. Hopefully, we’ll hear more on that soon.

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