Wireless Adapter For Xbox One Controller Set To Launch Next Week

The moment that many PC users who love Xbox products have been waiting for, for many months is almost here.

Microsoft has finally revealed the release date of the Wireless Adapter for Xbox One controller that lets PC users connect the controller wirelessly to their laptops or desktops.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, as it is called, will be available to purchase from 20th October and will cost $25.

The Xbox site has a product page for it now that lists compatibility details and other such technical stuff along with the pictures of the device.

Unlike the wireless adapter for Xbox 360, this new one is just a small USB sized dongle which adds even more to the portability factor.

Officially the dongle is said to work only with Windows 10 which makes sense since the Xbox app on Microsoft’s new OS is designed for seamless integration with the console.

The app should also allow users to emulate other features of the controller such as party chat and headphone support through the controller for those interested in couch gaming.