SegmentNext Deals: NES Video Game Controller Soap 2 Pack Available Now For 16% Off

SegmentNext Deals is now offering Nintendo fans a chance to grab NES Video Game Controller Soap, 2 pack.

If you’re a Nintendo fan and love to collect all things Nintendo, NES Game Controller Soaps will definitely be appealing to you.

And of course, nothing says “I’m a hardcore gaming fan” like taking a shower with NES controller soap after long sessions of Mario Kart with friends.

  • Molded in detail from a real NES controller
  • Includes a waterproof vinyl sticker
  • Soda scented
  • Made from a non-comedogenic soap base (keeps your pores clear!)
  • Gluten & soy free and vegan

The pack is available for $19.99 (16% off) and comes with 2 Shrink-wrapped NES Controller Soaps (1 Mountain Dew-type scented & 1 Dr. Pepper-type scented).

Visit SegmentNext Deals to place your order.