New Legendary Weapons and Economy Changes Coming to Guild Wars 2

With the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion for Guild Wars 2 there are some interesting changes to come. This includes new Legendary Weapons as well as chances to the economy of the game.

These changes were revealed in two blog posts about the updates. The first by John Smith who revealed the economy changes to the game. With Heart of Thorns, the loot system is going to be updated in a way that will see you getting less gold for all your hard work:

“Over the last couple of years, dungeons have been a major part of the game’s economy; between unique armor and liquid rewards, they’re often farmed. In the expansion, we’ll move away from this paradigm. As the game progressed, we shifted focus from dungeons to fractals and raids, and we firmly believe that fractals and raids are the content that we want to continue to support. As a part of that process, we’ll shift some rewards away from dungeons and into other pieces of content. While dungeons will remain cool experiences that’ll reward players with unique items, their liquid rewards will be reduced and other content will become more rewarding. The shift in rewards is a direct representation of our focus on raids and fractals and our commitment to make them the best they can be.”

The other blog post focused on Legendary Weapons and was posted by Linsey Murdock. In the blog they revealed that there will be three new weapons soon after launch. These will consist of a staff, pistol, and axe. To get them you’ll have to work hard and play all aspects of the game:

“The Gift of the Mists is where you will find the Gift of Battle, which is purchased for Badges of Honor and a special material crafted of ascended and fractal materials; the Gift of Glory, purchased with the new tradable material Shards of Glory that only comes from Player vs. Player reward tracks; and the Gift of War, purchased with a new tradeable material, Memories of Battle, that only comes from playing World vs. World.”

What are your thoughts on the updates to Guild Wars 2? Will they make the game better or are they a disappointment? Let us know your thoughts below.