Batman: Arkham Knight Update Adds Character Selection to AR Challenges

An update is coming to Batman: Arkham Knight which will update the Combat AR Challenges. This will allow the player to select which character they wish to use for the challenge.

In the announcement Warner Bros. revealed that the challenges will be dependant on the DLC that you’ve got installed on the console for some of the players. Everybody will be able to use Robin, Catwoman, Nightwing, and Azrael as they are already part of the main game. Red Hood, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl will be dependent on their DLC packs. Season Pass owners will get them all.

To get access to the difference characters this is done by going to the AR Challenge menu as normal. Instead of the leaderboard that usually appears you’ll be shown which characters are available for the Challenge. To select the character move to the one you want then press X for Playstation 4, or A for Xbox One.

Warner Bros. also revealed that when you choose other characters to take part in the challenges it will be tougher than when you play as Batman. This is to be expected (or so they state) as Batman is a “legendary hand-to-hand fighter” and more powerful than his allies. Whether the fans will agree with that is up for debate.

While there are no character specific leaderboards an additional three stars have been made available to be earned for using different characters. With the AR Challenges being created with Batman in mind adding leaderboards for all characters would have been too complicated.

Will you be trying out the AR Challenges with the other characters? Let us know your thoughts on the update below.