TeamSpeak Releases Urgent Update To Overcome Security Issues

The popular voice communication software TeamSpeak is getting an important update that has been released as a matter of urgency following the discovery of a vulnerability in the service.

The company has stated that the vulnerability would allow a hacker remote access to a computer, allowing him/her to download potentially malicious software directly to a system that was hacked.

This massive gaping flaw in the software’s security system needed urgent measures, which is why TeamSpeak advices everyone using its client to update it as soon as possible. The secure update version is, and server admins are advised to disallow users with older versions to connect to their servers to prevent any potential hacking threats.

TeamSpeak released the following statement on the matter:

“We’re fully aware that this situation is not ideal and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, but the security and privacy of our user-base is one of the most important things to us.”

TeamSpeak is used by millions of gamers across the globe for its convenient, lightweight team-communication capabilities and minimal resource consumption. It is the go-to voice-com software to use for team-based competitive games such as Call of Duty and League of Legends.