Super Smash Bros Next DLC Character is Going to be a Newcomer

Super Smash Bros fans are already guessing who the next DLC character is going to be.

According to a recent report, the upcoming character is not going to be Shovel knight, Wolf, or Shantae and is going to be a new character.

MyNintendoNews has compiled a nice little list of everything that has been gathered from different forums and posts:

  • This character is a newcomer
  • This character is popular, but may not be the #1 character on the ballot
  • This character would make a lot of buzz in social media
  • This character is a first-party character
  • This character’s inclusion shouldn’t be a surprise
  • The character is not Wolf, Shovel knight, or Shantae
  • Apparently it’s a Newcomer + New Stage combo according to Stealth

In addition to this, according to some new information, the new character is said to be revealed very soon and might release by the end of the month.

Super Smash Bros is currently only available on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U.

Are you looking forward to next Super Smash Bros DLC character?