Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5: Guardians Pre-order Prices Rises on UK Xbox Store

While Microsoft and Sony may want us to move to digitally buying our games through their stores, one of the big problems has to be the pricing structure. An example of this may have been shown in the way the pre-order prices for two of their biggest upcoming exclusives have stealthily been raised.

While last week both Halo: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider Pre-Orders were £44.99 on the Xbox Store, now they’ve both been raised to £49.99 (as you can see on the Halo page, and Tomb Raider page). While to some a £5 raise isn’t that bad, when the physical releases are £41.99 for Halo 5, and £39.85 for Raise of the Tomb Raider (based on Amazon at the time of writing) you can see the issue.

There could be many reasons for the change in price on the Xbox Store, but still the fact that these prices can be stealthily altered and are so high raises an issue. Why even bother buying the digital release when the physical are still so more attractive?

If gamers are ever going to move into the “future” of digital gaming where physical releases can be phased out then the problems with pricing have to be fixed. This is before we even look at the issues of internet connections not being trust worthy enough to give us “always on” connections.

So, will Microsoft announce these price raises officially? Its highly doubtful as they won’t really want to advertise the fact that the prices have gone up. As we see on forums like Neogaf though, they are noticed and gamers aren’t impressed at all.

What are your thoughts on digital download prices? Do they stop you from considering buying games using this method? Let us know below.