Real-Life Themes Used to Deepen Impact of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

As the gaming worlds get ever more complex, it allows for the stories to touch on real-world issues that are relatable for the player. This is the case with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which touches on themes such as religion.

Talking to Examiner Narrative Director Mary DeMarle commented on how these issues often hit home when working on the game:

“Sometimes working on this license does scare me a bit. We start to write things and then we see them happen in the real world,” said DeMarle, “It’ll either be ‘whoa, we mirrored exactly what’s happening in the world or whoa, I really didn’t think the world would go in that direction, I went in a different one.’ We are attempting as best we can to portray as realistic of a view as possible.”

On religion, DeMarle revealed that while the game doesn’t focus on such religions as Catholicism or Judaism there are characters with forms of belief structures:

“…we do have characters in the game who have their own religious beliefs. It’s in the Deus Ex world so it’s going to be catering to the Deus Ex mythos so to speak. We do have some factions in the game that are a little bit more religious than others. In general though, we’re not really tackling big religious issues.”

Through focusing on relatable issues in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, DeMarle hopes that the game will have a lasting impression on the gamers:

“I want them to walk away from this game having had a great time and that it made them think about things. I hope they walk away knowing there are so many possibilities in this universe that they’ll want to come back again.”

Are you looking forward to playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Do you like it when games use relatable themes to deepen the impact of the story? Let us know your thoughts below.