Halo 5 Leaked Ahead of Official Release, Install Size is 60GB

By   /   Oct 12, 2015
Halo 5 legendary lootcrate

Copies of Halo 5 are already leaked if these images are to be believed. It’s not surprising as most games are leaked ahead of official release dates nowadays.

What’s interesting about this leak is that it gives away the install size of Halo 5. It looks like players will need 60GB of storage space on Xbox One. However, Microsoft’s official Xbox Store doesn’t agree with it. Halo 5 is listed with a 46GB install size on the Xbox Store.

Presumably, 60GB is either an estimate or it includes the size of its day-one patch as well. Anyhow, Xbox One users should start freeing up some space on their HDDs. It might even be time to upgrade to 1TB.

Halo 5 will release exclusively on Xbox One later this month.

On a related note, Halo 5 will feature microtransactions as players will have the option to pay for REQ Packs. 343 revealed the cost of these packs and said that players can get the silver REQ pack for $1.99, Gold REQ pack for $2.99.

Silver packs will come with “Common to Rare REQs with the added value of two new permanent REQs (if you haven’t already unlocked all of them).”

Meanwhile Gold pack will feature “a large number of REQs ranging from Uncommon to Legendary. Players are guaranteed two new permanent REQs (if you haven’t already unlocked all of them).”

You can visit here for more details.

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