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EA Reveal Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Details

With the reaction to Star Wars Battlefront’s beta release being so positive it comes as no surprise that EA looks to get their hooks into fans caught up in the hype. Today they’ve released some basic details for the Season Pass.

As of now, this is all they’ve revealed:

“Expand your galaxy with the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass. Get 4 upcoming expansion packs filled with new content, two-week early access to each expansion and an exclusive “Shoot First” emote. Stay tuned for more details on Season Pass in the coming weeks.”

While this doesn’t tell us much, we’ll expect more as we get closer to the release of the game. With 4 expansion packs being promised and early access to them, this obviously will interest people who are already thinking about buying the pass. The “Shoot First” emote will amuse Star Wars fans, as it teases connections to the questions around Han Solo’s famous scene which was altered between versions of the movie.

What fans may not be a fan of is the actual price of the season pass with Origin pricing it at £39.99 and Xbox One pricing it the same. At the time of writing there wasn’t a Playstation store page for the Season Pass, but it is expected that it will be priced the same. With the Season Pass being priced at almost the same price as the actual game, players may hold off a while before considering that price.

With the beta being extended until Tuesday people are still living out their Star Wars fantasies in the game, and will be hyped up for its upcoming release. Now just to see if the hype around the game will build up even more now that people know what is coming.

What are your thoughts on the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass? Is it worth £39.99? Let us know what you think below.