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Destiny Update 2.0.1 Will be Available Tomorrow With Iron Banner

The update 2.0.1 for Bungie’s popular massive multiplayer online first-person shooter title Destiny will be available tomorrow.

This update brings a host of fixes and new content to the game, of which the most noticeable is the Iron Banner. In addition to that, it also fixes several issues introduced by the well-received The Taken King DLC from last month.

Most importantly gameplay-wise though, shotguns will get a big nerf in the update, which was something that was bound to happen. The Shot Package Perk will be removed from everyone’s shotguns.

The main feature of this update though is the Iron Banner, with Lord Saladin returning to the Tower once again. This time around Iron Banner is promised to be different from Year 1, with an all-new damage curve, new match completion rewards in the form of armor and weapons, and more.

The update will go live tomorrow. Of course, imbalanced gameplay are to be expected initially with the Iron Banner, but we should be seeing it streamlined quickly once the momentum is going.