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Dark Souls 3 Beta Test Version Lands of PlayStation Store, Before Being Taken Down Again

For those looking to play Dark Souls 3 early, they will no doubt know that the beta is on its way, and will have signed up for it. Today Bandai Namco released Dark Souls 3’s Network Stress Test onto the PlayStation Store, though now it has been removed.

Obviously this is a hint that the beta version was released a little too early onto the store and that has been remedied. This won’t have stopped some from downloading it though. What they’ll find is that to get it working it requires a code from the publishers which will be sent out when the beta begins. For those interested, the file was 3GB, so not too huge a download.

The actual beta phase for Dark Souls 3 is October 16-18 and will take place in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. If you’ve not already registered for the beta then you’ll have to wait to see if any other phases are planned. As this is a closed beta for network stress testing, an open one may come closer to the release. This will be the time for more people to try out the game, and put the servers through a heavier test.

With Dark Souls 3 releasing on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in April 2016 (March 24, 2016 for Japan) there is still some time till the full version of the game will become available. Those lucky enough to have registered for the game, then to play it next week will get a taste of what’s to come. The rest of us will have to wait a little longer.

Did you manage to download the Dark Souls 3 Network Stress Test before it was removed from the store? Are you Registered for the beta? Let us know your thoughts below.