Here’s How Fan Feedback After Beta Changed Black Ops 3 on PC

Black Ops 3 beta was recently held on consoles and PC, the game looked in decent shape but there were some grey areas that needed to go away before final release.

Fans provided feedback to Treyarch after playing Black Ops 3 in beta, and developers have made changes to the game in accordance to that. We don’t yet know about console specific changes, but we do have details for you today regarding PC specific changes made to Black Ops 3 after beta feedback.

Here’s what changed or got fixed on PC:

  • Some players felt that the game didn’t perform well on their computer. The good news is that the PC Beta didn’t include final performance optimizations. This work is being completed as we speak. We’re improving performance and working with hardware partners to prepare optimized drivers for launch.
  • Other players described the mouse as “floaty” or “laggy.” We agree – player feedback helped us find the problem and we fixed it.
  • Some players with certain networking configurations had trouble connecting to online services. Thanks to your reports we were able to fix this compatibility issue.
  • During the Beta, some players provided feedback that they were experiencing various crashes, freezes, or other bugs. We’ve been dissecting each one and as a result have been able to fix a lot of bugs including many crash and freeze issues.

Were there any other fixes or improvements you would’ve liked on PC? Let us know in the comments.