Flying Capes Heading To Minecraft In Update 1.9

Last night, Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten dropped some interesting tidbits on Twitter about the upcoming 1.9 update of the highly addictive and popular sandbox game. He started with a simple Tweet, teasing a dramatic new feature for the game and then revealed some in-progress images the feature itself.

Well it turns out; flying capes are heading to the game. Actually from the looks of it, it seems more like a gliding cape instead of something that gives you complete flight control, but hey, there is an upside to it and now you can be Batman!

The capes won’t be craftable so players will have to search around the world for them and once discovered, they will replace any other cape the player is wearing at the moment. If someone has a cape they really don’t want to lose, it’s better to stash it somewhere before going to look for the ‘flying’ cape.

There is still no word on when the new snapshot for Minecraft will be available although the upgrade, officially known as The Combat Update, was originally scheduled for July.

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