Side-Quests Play A Crucial Part In Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Deus Ex is a unique FPS franchise that fully embraces narrative choices and branching paths in order to deliver a different and refreshing experience on 2nd or 3rd playthrough of the game.

Sometimes it does feel that there are just too many side quests to do which is why a lot of people opt to stick to the main story for the majority of the game. Well, such players might want to change their gameplay strategy for the upcoming Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Mary DeMarle who is the Executive Narrative Director on Mankind Divided talked about the new approach towards side quests.

According to DeMarle; while building the core narrative experience is absolutely essential to every game, it’s the different layered structure that actually adds more depth to the game world and characters and keeps the truly dedicated players hooked.

DeMarle also described that while side content for contents sake is fine, the true approach she takes is that “side content has to serve a purpose.”

As in Human Revolution, side quests can take many forms and avenues to get to eventual resolution. In Mankind Divided however, the turns and twists the player finds as Jensen may be deeply personal to the litany of side characters, or to Jensen himself.

There is also the possibility of completely missing out on some amazing characters and stories if players choose to not follow through the various side quests in Mankind Divided, so players should make sure they try to do each and every side quest once Deus Ex Mankind Divided releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 23rd February 2016.