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Overwhelming Amount of Fans Want to Buy PlayStation VR: Shuhei Yoshida

PlayStation VR’s release in 2016 will mark Sony’s arrival in the virtual reality market. The company will compete against the likes of Oculus, Samsung, HTC and others for market share.

The biggest factor that will determine which device takes the lead, is without a doubt price. According to an estimated price point provided by Sony, PlayStation VR should be somewhere around $400. I for one, will pick-up PlayStation VR if it is close to $400.

And it’s not just me, Sony claims that an overwhelming amount of people are looking forward to buying PlayStation VR.

At TGS, Sony allowed visitors to choose which demo they wanted to see on PlayStation VR, and this approach worked really well for the company.

" target="_blank">Shuhei Yoshida explains:

So for the first time at TGS we were able to make it happen, and the reaction was amazing. I cannot mention the specific number but the number of people that tried, we asked the question there, so many, overwhelming people said they would buy PlayStation VR.

He added:

It’s easy to say you’d buy but compared to any other things we do during our work, the impact, the questionnaire, the answers to the questions were overwhelming. So we knew going in that we have to get people to experience it and it’s totally true.

Will you be buying PlayStation VR?