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New Gameplay Footage for Mafia 3 Shows the Power of Choice

In everything we’ve been told about Mafia 3 the theme of revenge runs heavy. With Lincoln Clay looking to take down the Italian mob because of their actions against the black mob, of which Clay was a part of.

In this new video looking at what Hangar 13 are trying to bring to the game not only do we see some new footage but we hear how the team are designing the game. Giving the players the freedom to create their own strategy in battle, there is also a focus on letting them decide how to take down the different areas of the city, and which lieutenants will be given control.

One of the things we always hear about games these days is that our choices will have an impact on how the game will play out. This is something that Hangar 13 are looking to also bring to Mafia 3, even hinting that every playthrough will have a different outcome based on the decisions you make. They’ve not revealed too much about the storyline outcomes just yet, and hopefully they won’t. That should be revealed in the game itself.

If we believe the hype for the game though, while it may not be looking to compete with Grand Theft Auto 5 there is still a focus in giving the player the a certain of freedom in the game. Providing a living breathing city, issues of the day will influence how the city reacts to you and your actions. This includes the issue of racism, which will have to be handled correctly and in a realistic manner not sensationalised.

As we see more of the game though, it does look interesting and there does seem to be depth to it. Will it please fans of the previous games? To answer that we’ll have to wait and see until the game is released and they get to play it.

Are you impressed with what you’ve seen of the game so far? Let us know your thoughts below.