New App Helps Destiny Gamers with Inventory Infusions

With the Destiny 2.0 update the ability to infuse items with higher rank gear was brought in to ascend their light level. The problem with this is that some of the more casual players have become confused with just how this works.

Luckily for these people a new Chrome Extension has been created that provides way to manage your items in your inventory, and how best to use the infusion process. The Destiny Item Manager is available from the Chrome Webstore and is easily installable.

Once the browser extension is installed into Chrome you’ll then be able to connect to your Destiny inventory and drag and drop your items around from character to character. This will let you set your loadouts to get the best infusion level. This is helped with the Infusion Calculator which has only recently been added.

All users need to do to use this calculator is to select the items they want to infuse and the calculator will show what the resulting level will be. This will help the user to find the best upgrade path for their items and allow them to find out which are the best ones to destroy to be able to use them for the infusion process. Then the player can go into the game and go ahead with the infusion.

Instructions on how best to use the Destiny Item Manager is available on Reddit. If any problems with the calculator are found there are details on the Reddit page for how to give the developer feedback so that they can fix it.

Will you be using the Infusion Calculator or do you already understand the process without any problems? Let us know your thoughts below.