Bungie Offering Free Destiny Microtransaction Currency Until December

As players of Destiny will know, microtransactions have come to the game. With the reveal of the Eververse Trading Company players will now have “Silver” to spend in the game.

While we don’t yet know how much this Silver will cost to purchase, we do know how you can earn some right now. In the latest news update Bungie have revealed that if you play the game between now and December you’ll own a few pieces of the currency.

Starting October 13 this Silver can be spent in the special digital store within the game. As of right now we know that eighteen emotes will be available when the store opens. These emotes are the gestures that the Guardians can make in the game.

With microtransactions being so controversial it will be interesting to see how Destiny fans accept this new method of buying content for the game. If it proves popular is set to make hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue per year. Hopefully the microtransactions won’t be too intrusive in the player’s enjoyment, and if they are purely cosmetic then really they won’t be an issue.

With Destiny being one of the games that asks a lot of fans with the cost of the DLC microtransactions are likely to be questioned, especially for those who have spent so much on the game already. It will be up to the players of the game to show what they think of these microtransactions, and for Bungie to find a balance between free pieces of silver, and enticing players to spend more real world money in the game.

Are you happy at the thought of microtransactions in Destiny? Let us know your thoughts below.