Blizzcon 2015 Event Schedule Leaks, Reveals a Lack of Big Announcements

With Blizzcon 2015 fast approaching fans of World of Warcraft and the other Blizzard games will be hoping for some big reveals from the company. A leaked schedule may leave them slightly disappointed though.

While the official schedule has not yet been released MMO-Champion noticed that the schedule pages had undergone a bit of an update, which reveals some of the planned panels and events. What may disappoint the fans is what is missing.

We should note of course that with this not being the officially released schedule things may still change. With mention of upcoming updates like Legion mentioned though and the fact it was on the main site, this hints that these may be at least the provisional plans.

One of the main disappointments will be no mention of the World of Warcraft film, or of a premier of the trailer. This could be held from the schedule to keep it as a surprise though, and with the film coming in 2016 we should be expecting to see more about it soon and Blizzcon would be the perfect event or so you would think.

What is important though is that Blizzcon is a chance to celebrate the games that the company release and so many people love. I’m sure there will be plenty of things there for fans to enjoy and plenty of surprises for the people who are at the event and will be watching it through the streaming provided. Hopefully even though this schedule has leaked fans won’t be disappointed with what they see.

What are you hoping to see at Blizzcon 2015? Will you be attending? Let us know your thoughts below.