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TitanFall Deluxe Edition for Xbox One Pulled from Xbox Store SA, No Refunds!

TitanFall Deluxe Edition for Xbox One is no longer available on Xbox Store in South Africa. Users who already bought the game are stripped of access privileges, if they don’t have the game installed already.

Meaning if you have removed the game from Xbox One HDD, possibly due to lack of storage space, you won’t be able to re-download your copy.

According to a reddit user from the region:

I purchased Titanfall deluxe edition when it wa on discount earlier this year and after a while I removed it due to HDD space, today, very excited about extra achieves I could get due to a title update it received, I cant find it in my library. And on the store, no option to download it either? Help please?

He further wrote that he contacted Xbox Support but they wouldn’t refund his money:

So spoke with support, and the game has been removed from my region, and they wont refund my purchase either. Awesome. Bought the digital deluxe, and now I am not allowed to play it or get my money back. So now I have to contact EA.

We are slowly moving towards an all digital future, where we may not see physical copies anymore. Many are not in favor of going digital and these types of incidents won’t help companies convince them. With digital, fans lose control over their own product and publishers, like we are seeing here, can remove any game from retail platforms.