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New Update Released to the Xbox One Controller in NXOE

Apparently, a new firmware update has been released for the Xbox One controller. It was expected already, but you will find that at least one expected feature is missing.

Previously it was reported that Microsoft would update the controllers and add the button mapping feature which most of the users were really hoping to try out very soon.

Instead, the update titled 2.3.2381.0 appears to have fixed some of the connection issues that were being faced previously. Official patch notes for the Xbox One Controller update have not been shared by Microsoft yet.

Also, Xbox One users who are not a part of the New Xbox One Experience preview program should note that this firmware update is currently limited to those users who are a part of the preview program.

It will obviously get released to the general public but that might be only after the NXOE goes public as well.

As far as the aforementioned connection issues are concerned, NXOE users had reported that the Quick Connect feature of the Xbox One Controller was not working. The update in question fixes that.

We will be updating you whenever any official patch notes are shared by Microsoft, but until then this is all we have for you.