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Laura Confirmed for Street Fighter 5 with New Trailer

While Laura has already been leaked as the new character for Street Fighter 5, now we have it officially confirmed. A Brazilian fighter sharing some of the electric traits of Blanka she is said to be a Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu master.

While Capcom may have been disappointed with the character’s early leak this didn’t cause them to rush to officially confirm the character. Now though with the Brazil Game Show taking place, the time has come to reveal her to the world.

In the trailer we see Laura battling Ken and showing off some of her best moves, with some of the most impressive being her electrical abilities which are sure to disarm any opponent. The fact that some of them are similar to Blanka’s raise some interesting questions. We’ll have to wait a while to get to try her out though as she won’t be in the second beta which has also been revealed.

With Street Fighter 5 coming in 2016 there aren’t many more characters to be revealed. With only one more new character and one classic to come. Whether we’ll see more coming in the form of DLC though is not yet known. I’m sure there will be plenty of people hoping for a few more of their favourite fighters that haven’t made the pick.

Now that Laura has officially been confirmed what do you think of the new Brazilian fighter? Let us know your thoughts below.