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Free Star Wars Battlefront SHAREFactory Theme Available on the Playstation Store

Over the weekend there will be plenty of fans playing Star Wars Battlefront, and DICE will be watching all the statistics to see how well the network is coping. In a timely addition to the Playstation Store a new Star Wars theme has been made available.

The release of the SHAREfactory theme has been revealed on Twitter by Stuart Platt the senior producer at Sony for SHAREFactory:

As stated though as of this time it is available for the US but has also been confirmed for UK on Reddit. More regions will follow soon.

Now that the beta is available to everybody on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC and is being warmly received there will be plenty of people who will be downloading this new theme, just in celebration of being finally able to play the game.

Based on what is being experienced in the beta right now, and the fact that it is stable has excited many fans, and from personal experience I know I for one will be looking forward to the full release. This has to be seen as a success for DICE as there are signs that Star Wars fans are looking to the game and liking what they see, even if they aren’t a fan of actual online first person shooters like this.

Will you be downloading this theme? Have you tried the Star Wars Battlefront Beta? Let us know your thoughts below.