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Bungie Didn’t “Understand the Type of Game that Destiny Could be,” Says Luke Smith

The director for Destiny The Taken King, Luke Smith, has gone a good job of bringing the game up to potential with the expansion, however, he also admits that he doesn’t know whether the developers really figured out the game from the beginning.

We know that the whole franchise is pretty huge but apparently, it is so complex in the potential and alignment that Luke Smith revealed “I don’t know that we, as Bungie, understood the type of game that Destiny could be.”

He was talking about the voice actor change for Ghost – Peter Dinklage has now been replaced with Nolan North – when he also agreed that the character was not conceived the way it should have previously.

Much in the same was as Bungie did not really get Destiny, Ghost was also something that needed more tuning.

In the same way, I feel like a bunch of the early writing for the Ghost, in vanilla, we didn’t understand what the character of the Ghost could be. And because we didn’t understand that character so well, the words don’t always ring super well and the performance didn’t have the writing that it needed either.

It is a fact that The Taken King is the best that has happened to Destiny so far, but would you say the same for Ghost?