Battlefield Hardline Coming to EA Access Vault Next Week

With a service like EA Access the quality is shown in the games that are made available to the subscribers. In further proof that EA are taking it seriously, Battlefield Hardline will be coming to the service October 14.

Announced today while Hardline may have not had the same success as Battlefield 4 it has still proven to be a fun game. Taking the battles away from the war theme and turning it into a game of cops and robbers, Battlefield Hardline features both solo and multiplayer modes.

In the story campaign you follow the story of Nick Mendoza as he tries to uncover a drug conspiracy deep in Miami’s criminal underworld. Gathering intel, obtaining warrants and even making arrests, the game kept you in the heat of the action.

In multiplayer you can choose between being a cop or a robber in huge battles ranging from city maps and out into the countryside. Utilising vehicles and modern day weapons the game brings a new element to the Battlefield experience, while still feeling familiar to the more veteran Battlefield player.

With the title coming to the EA Access Vault, it now joins the likes of FIFA 15, Battlefield 4, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare and Dragon Age: Inquisition. With gamers looking for value for money from the service, when the likes of Dragon Age and the Battlefield games are still expensive to buy on the Xbox One using a service like EA Access and being able to play them all bring great value for money.

With such high profile games coming to the service, it would be interesting to see how Sony feel about deciding against EA Access on the PlayStation 4.

Are you looking forward to Battlefield Hardline coming to EA Access? What are your thoughts on the service and its value for money?