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A Report Shows over 15 Million Fans Watch ESports

On the day that BBC announced that they will be stream the League of Legends World Championships for the first time it should come as no surprise that E-Sports are gaining an impressive number of viewers. Attracting over 15 million fans, is this a sign that such events could become more mainstream?

Based on a report by video game industry research firm EEDAR, Venturebeat have revealed the number of fans, and at that size it is a hard one to ignore. Especially for marketing companies looking to make money off such popular events.

Some of the more interesting facts about the people viewing ESports are the demographics. From observing habits of 2,000 of the spectators and comparing them with those who participate in competitive gaming thirty-six percent of the pool that were observed are women. The overage age of the people watching was also 26 year old.

On how they approached the report, Ed Zhao a business analyst for EEDAR said:

“Two-thousand [people] responded who talked about their experiences and answered questions we had regarding pretty much all of esports. In particular, we are really interested in the current [esports] consumer and what kind of make up that consumer is. We know a lot of other companies have been doing a lot of broadcasting and revenue predictions and such, but we felt we were missing who this consumer actually is and how they’re different from the general population that plays games.”

While the number of female viewers isn’t has high as it could be, it is interesting to see that while more male viewers watched MOBAS (around 75% of the viewers) the female audience was stronger in fighting games (33% of the viewers). This may be connected to the fact that fighting games are seen as more inclusive to both sexes.

With these kind of numbers, could ESports be about to explode? The fact that companies such as the BBC are taking notice seems to suggest that this may be the case.

What are your thoughts on the fact ESports attract over 15 million fans? Let us know below.