This Week’s Destiny Armsday Event Detailed

Destiny’s Weekly Armsday event that allows players to test out new weapons is back again with some new items. Through this event, players can not only test new weapons but gain reputation with Banshee 44, the Gunsmith in Destiny.

This week’s foundry weapons and bounties are detailed below:

This week’s bounties are:

  • Häkke Test-A (auto rifle) – Use against the Cabal
  • Häkke Test-A (pulse rifle) – Make precision shots
  • Suros TSP-10 (pulse rifle) – Use against the Hive
  • Häkke Test-A (shotgun) – Use against the Hive
  • Omolon Test RR1 (sniper rifle) – Use against Fallen Captains

The Foundry weapons are:

  • Häkke Zarinaea-D – Auto rifle
  • Suros ARI-41 – Auto rifle
  • Suros ARI-45 – Auto rifle
  • Suros JLB-47 – Rocket launcher
  • Omolon Uzume RR4 – Sniper rifle

Players will get access to Foundry Orders, if you’re rank 1 or higher.  However, you’ll get the weapons next week.   If you’re rank 2 or higher, an additional choice of weapon will be able to you.

On a related note, Destiny: The Taken King ads randomly started to appear on PlayStation 4 XMB. Fans didn’t like this one bit but it was revealed that it was part of Sony’s Featured Content system. Players can turn it off from settings at will.