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The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone May Exceed 10 Hours Gameplay Time

Although CD Projekt Red has promised that the first expansion of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is going to add about 10 hours of gameplay experience, the number of hours can increase depending how you play the game.

Speaking of Hearts of Stone expansion length, senior gamplay designer Marcin Janiszewski said that the said expansion will indeed offer 10 solid hours of gameplay experience, but the number is not set in stone:

As for the size of the game, I think that we always subconsciously decide to communicate the more conservative number. In the case of Wild Hunt, early on in development there was a time we were a bit afraid that 100 hours would be stretching it… and half a year before launch we knew we had way more.

I think it’s similar with Hearts of Stone. It’s a solid 10 hours of new adventures, but you can extend that way more if you set out to explore and, again, get lost in Geralt’s world.

In addition to this, Janiszewski also shared some information on the Runewords which are going to offer deeper character customization than what is available in the base game.

According to Janiszewski, players can either equip a Runeword which will grant them with constant HP regeneration once they have acquired enough adrenaline points or equip one which will automatically deflect arrows.

All in all, I think this is pretty neat feature which should come in handy for players who are having a tough time with the NG+ mode.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone is set to launch on Oct. 13, 2015 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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