The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is Now Live!

Missing Sullust, Tatooine or Hoth already? Can’t wait until the game actually releases? Well, you might be in luck if you are a part of the Star Wars Battlefront Beta; EA has announced that the testing phase just went live!

If you are using a PC, the beta installation is going to take up about 10.18 GB disc space so make sure you have that much before you get it.

Just in case you are wondering what the Star Wars Battlefront Beta has to offer, here’s a recap from Electronic Arts:

  • Walker Assault on Hoth: Fight in epic 40-player battles as a Rebel to destroy the Empire’s onslaught of AT-AT’s by calling in Y-wing bombers. Or, side with the Empire and protect your walkers while utilizing their mighty weaponry to crush the Rebel objective.
  • Drop Zone on Sullust: Escape pods are crashing down and you and your team must fight to control them. With its frantic 8v8 matches, Drop Zone is sure to put your combat and strategy skills to the test.
  • Survival Mission on Tatooine: Play alone or with a friend via co-op or split-screen as you battle to hold off waves of Imperial forces including AT-ST’s, TIE fighters, elite stormtroopers and more.

Moreover, the Star Wars Battlefront beta is going to last from October 8 to October 12 and everyone of you is invited! Try it out and tell us what you think.