Riot Games Bans G2A From Sponsoring eSports Teams

Developers have always had issues with 3rd party key selling websites that sell their products at cheaper prices than what the developer/publisher intended.

A somewhat recent and severe example of such a dispute was when Ubisoft revoked a large number of Uplay games from accounts that purchased these games from websites like G2A.

Well another such dispute has now arisen, in the middle of an eSports competition and this time it’s between G2A and Riot Games, the developers of the most played MOBA out there; League of Legends.

According to reports; Riot banned G2A from sponsoring professional League of Legends teams including Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, and H2K and also removed the key seller’s logo from the merchandise available at the 2015 League of Legends World Championship.

The dispute was caused by the website listing another 3rd party site that sells high level League of Legends accounts and also provides boosting services to those who don’t want to purchase a new account. This goes directly against the game’s terms of service and eSports rulebook.

While there are countless other websites that provide MMR boosting services, that still doesn’t mean the developers will just ignore such a thing because it messes up with the game’s matchmaking system because a relatively new player can get their hands on a boosted account and end up joining high ranked players, only to play badly and ruin the fun for everyone.

Following this ban, there is now a possibility that G2A will drop sponsorship across the board for all professional teams.