PS Plus Games For October 2015 Available Now; Super Meat Boy, Broken Age, and More

With the first week of October almost over, the PlayStation Network’s Instant Game Collection has been updated for PS Plus users.

The free games for October 2015 include Super Meat Boy, Broken Age, Unmechanical: Extended, Chariot, Kung Fu Rabbit and KickBeat.

Broken Age and Super Meat Boy are available for both PS4 and PS Vita through Cross Buy while Unmechanical: Extended, KickBeat and Kung Fu Rabbit are available for PS4 and PS3. Chariot on the other hand is only available to PS3 users.

Like all previous PS Plus games, once these titles have been added to a user’s account, they can play them whenever they want, free of cost provided they have an active PS Plus subscription.

The store update also removes the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub (essentially a demo of the game) which was made available back in June after many delays, having initially been announced to release close to the launch of the original game. There is however a possibility it might return to the store once again for free sometime in the future.