Nintendo Miiverse Update Includes Personalized Ads For Web Users Without Any Warning

Nintendo’s social media service, Miiverse has received another update which might be a bit annoying and even borderline privacy invasion for some users.

The web version of Miiverse i.e. for mobile devices and PCs will now have interstitial ads although the UI has also been tweaked for easier reading and navigation.

These changes seem to be absent from Miiverse on Wii U and 3DS which is a good thing but for other users, not so much since the ads aren’t as finely tuned like on Twitter or Facebook even if they are personalized.

According to Nintendo, their ad partners such as Google send users personalized ads based on their browser data and cookies. Miiverse users can opt out of these ads by going to the third party partners: Network Advertising Initiative and Digital Advertising Alliance.

Some might argue that Nintendo had been collecting user data for a while now especially for such purposes, but still this sudden imposition of ads without any warning upon web version users can be considered wrong by many.

All the data that Nintendo collects from users for ‘functions necessary to operate our business’ can be seen here in their privacy policy.