Next Phase of Street Fighter 5 Beta Testing Announced Including PC Dates

Capcom have announced the next phase of beta testing for Street Fighter 5, and this time it will include PC users. This will be the first chance for everybody to go to battle cross-platform and for Capcom to see what strain this will have on the network.

On the announcement they were quick to point out that this is still the testing phase and to expect things to go wrong. We sometimes tend to forget that the main job of beta testing is to expose the problems with the game, and not for us to get to play on it.

For PC players, Capcom also stressed that the players will have to make sure their computer meets the minimum spec. PC gamers will be able to get access to the beta from October 24. PlayStation 4 players will get access from October 22. With the testing scheduled to end October 25 this means that PC players won’t have as long to enjoy the gameplay.

With the addition of the PC players on October 24, this will lead to the PC and PlayStation 4 cross-platform play which will run from October 24-October 25. Hopefully the network will be able to handle this or it may be the PC players who lose out.

Characters that will be available will include:

  • Ken
  • Necalli
  • Vega
  • Mika
  • Rashid (From October 23)
  • Karin (From October 24)

Players from the previous beta won’t be included in this one.

During the battles that will take place in the beta there will be combined leaderboards to show who are the best fighters over both platforms. Matchmaking will be ranked based on player ability with opponents being paired up based on their experience. The better you get at the game, the harder the opponent.

For PC players to get access to the beta they will have to pre-order the game video Steam.

Are you looking forward to trying Street Fighter 5 on the PC? What about cross-platform battles? Let us know your thoughts below.