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Halo 5 Continuous Forge Support, Free Maps Promised by 343 Industries

We have been told enough about the Forge mode of Halo 5 Guardians in the past, however, the 343 Industries studio head Josh Holmes took to the game’s forums with some more information on it.

Firstly, one comment made by him confused a number of people when he specifically mentioned that it will be “an ongoing free service for Halo 5.” Since it has always been free, people doubled back a little to inquire why this was mentioned like that.

However, Holmes clarified that he added that part just to “make absolutely crystal clear that running it as a service (IE: continuing to add and expand based on feedback from the Forge community) did not mean we would charge for those additions and improvements,” further adding that “that comment was specifically for tinfoil hat types.”

Also, he mentioned a number of content types that they are not going to charge for while replying to another fan’s question about Halo 5 free content.

Well the good news based on your list: we aren’t charging for maps, the REQ content (armor and weapon skins) can all be earned in game, and Forge support (features and content) will also be free.

Halo 5 Guardians releases October 27, 2015, are you ready?