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Get KOAR Bluetooth Cloud Buds at 77% Off ($24.99 Only) – SegmentNext Deals

We are back again with the day’s hottest discounts at SegmentNext Deals! This time, you can get the classy KOAR Bluetooth Cloud Buds at a massive discount to the tunes of 77 percent!

The Bluetooth Cloud Buds offer a truly hands-free listening experience, so you’ll never miss a beat. With up to 30-feet of crystal-clear Bluetooth connectivity, you can hit the treadmill to your favorite jams, or take a call while prepping dinner—and best of all, kiss tangled wires goodbye.

While the handsfree is originally priced at $109, this link is where you can get your hands on them for just $24.99! That being said, the KOAR Bluetooth Cloud Buds also boast of excellent performance:

  • Charge time: 1 hour for first use, 30 minutes for future use
  • Play time: approximately 6 hours
  • Standby time: approximately 50 hours

Apart from sporting a noise reducing outer shell and a wireless construction, it comes with ear hooks that can be added or removed as well as different sizes of gelled ear buds.

However, everything we offer on SegmentNext Deals is discounted for a limited time; for this one you have three days.

Make sure you get your hands on the KOAR Bluetooth Cloud Buds right now because you might not get a similar price elsewhere at the moment.